"Not for Christians, but out there for the world to see"

Here in quick time format (scroll down, it's a javascript window) is a U2 sermon entitled, but not based on "Vertigo" from a church called "the tapestry" in Richmond, BC. The preacher, who says he's about to see the band in a few days, quotes both a sermon by Brian Walsh and Eugene Peterson's forward from Get Up Off Your Knees, and also uses "Still Haven't Found," "40," and video from U2's performance at the Super Bowl where "Streets" was led into with a paraphrase of the same verse from Psalm 51 that launches the Church of Ireland matins liturgy ("O Lord open my lips/ that my mouth show forth thy praise" -- frequently misquoted as "that I might show forth" by people who don't recognize the verse, I might add.) The sermon is more about the overall witness of U2 than any particular song.

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