Stocki talk from last spring, and article from this summer

Calvin College's student activities weblog has put up some files of talks from the 2005 Festival of Faith and Music. One of them is "Crumbs from your Table: U2 and Justice" by Steve Stockman. I was interested in Stocki's comment about his white ONE/Make Poverty History wristband (the one that's on my left wrist as I type this, and incidentally I have some extras if anyone needs one). He asks how many people at the seminar besides him are wearing it, and then simply tells them if they were part of the same sort of evangelical Christian audience but lived in the UK, they would all be wearing one. He also talks about trade justice in the context of Edun, and mentions how his regular visits to Cape Town have changed his understanding of how necessary it is. (And incidentally, just because you're not in Edun's high-end fashion demographic, that doesn't mean you can't buy fairly traded clothes.)

While we're on the topic of Stocki's connections with Cape Town, ALL BECAUSE OF YOU, I AM - U2, AFRICA AND UBUNTU is an article he wrote reflecting on the political messages of the Vertigo Tour for a South African magazine. Excerpt:
The Biblical idea of interdependence, captured in Africa's idea of Ubuntu, was the secret of how Nelson Mandela reconciled his people with the violent criminals of the cruel white oppressor in post-apartheid South Africa. Co-existence was vital not only to the peace of the nation but to the very identity of his people. Archbishop Tutu took Ubuntu, the springboard of his thinking, and turned it into a theology that the world needs to hear, wake up to and start living. U2 have heard it and are spreading the word -- "All Because of You I Am." Everyone!

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