Digitalwalk :: Walk Your Faith - Think Different

In a recent column, Rich Wagner, author of The Gospel Unplugged, recounts how he moved from judging U2's work to appreciating it. Excerpt: I need to awaken to the truth that God can use a believer who may be different than I am, in ways that I may not always understand. Looking back, I realize that my dismissive attitude towards U2 was, in part, because of my personal lack of grace. ...Through the process of researching for an upcoming book, I've come to better understand the faith of U2 and more fully appreciate the spiritual dimensions of the band's music. I discovered that I too need to 'think different,' getting out of my 'Christian comfort zone,' if I am going to fully understand their messages and motivations.

He's addressing a similar audience to the one Steve Stockman wrote for, and those from that kind of background may find it helpful.

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