"When was the last time you hit the Sunday buffet line feeling like that?"

Tim Adams, who missed contributing to Get Up Off Your Knees only because of a tragic cyberspace glitch discovered way too late, has turned in a great article for Ethics Daily which borrows an old page from T-Bone Burnett to suggest a number of reasons "why a U2 concert is what church should be." My two favorite: A U2 concert is instructive to the church because it breaks down walls between groups that otherwise are separated by age, culture and other barriers that the church seems to have a hard time bringing together (he makes a similar point about political divides -- whoops, I just snuck another one in), and A U2 show is what church should be because it challenges people to think and act without talking down to them and without watering down the message. It meets people where they are but doesn't leave them there. ... and that's just a sampling.

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