Covenant Seminary - FSI - Dec 9 Event

St. Louis-area readers may be interested to hear that Covenant Seminary's fall Francis A. Schaeffer Institute "Friday Nights @ the Institute" series will be closing next week with a lecture called How to Dismantle an Atomic Band (scroll down to Dec 9) by Ned O'Gorman, Assistant Professor of Speech Communication, University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaign (i.e.: NOT the famous poet by the same name). Folks with more than a couple years' interest in the overall topic of this blog will likely remember that the folks at Covenant have already presented a previous "Friday Night @ the Institute" U2 program ("When I Look at the World: Reality and Longing in the Music of U2"), written up by Angela Pancella here and available for listening here. That was summer 2002 -- so recent, but I remember how surprised and pleased I was to see this article on what was then a fairly novel concept. Wow, I thought, a seminary doing some serious work on U2 and God! About time somebody thought of that....

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