all right, all right....

I've actually been telling people who've emailed me material that sorry, there'll be no more posts on the aftermath of last week's prayer breakfast; but I've changed my mind for the sole reason that I don't think anyplace else has collected references in the blogosphere all that well. So I will send you, after all, to Jay Swartzendruber's remarks which have a lot of material from the meeting after the breakfast, also covered by Kim Lawton in an "unplugged" web supplement to PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly. David sent me a link to his related post about grace, and I also was interested to notice a not-too-unrelated speaking venue coming up on the calendar (hat tip to ktrayn78). Many many bloggers have reposted DATA's or Sojourners' prepared text, and there are also discussions of one sort or another going on, including at least one started by a Get Up Off Your Knees contributor. These are all links for the sake of documentation, not endorsements.

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