Bono Waxes 'Prophetic' : "The church is leading."

CT has an article up called Bono Waxes 'Prophetic' (I'm presuming that's not what GetReligion - who used one for their report on the topic - would call a sneer quote). This blog does try to cover issues of economic justice, so I'm linking it (even though there isn't much about U2's art) for the idea that Isaiah 58 is "absolutely the prophetic utterance of this moment in time... What it really suggests is that if we do God's business, God will be more in ours. To use the colloquial, it's God watching our back." I also got a kick out of Charles Wesley's hymnody getting a big nod from Bono; I've long thought the Wesleys were one of the very best analogs to U2 theologically and artistically.

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