Independent RED edition

It'll only be online for a couple days, and you've probably heard about it elsewhere, but let me particularly recommend reading, in the Bono-edited RED edition of the Independent, some of the kind of stuff that would probably never get printed otherwise:, e.g. A conversation with Tony Blair and Gordon Brown about trade and the followup to the G8, EU subsidies deny Africa's farmers of their livelihood on how dumping of subsidised produce in African countries is forcing local producers out of business, The woman who has the power to change Africa which introduces Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Finance Minister of Nigeria and her crusade against corruption, and International Development Secretary talks about the first day of his trip to Uganda , which covers the Lord's Resistance Army situation. And after all that reading, one might ask: so why doesn't news like this seem to get covered in Western papers?

There is also the excellent editorial I am a witness. What can I do?

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