Right down whose center?

On the WNYC show today, it seemed to me we got to hear a lot more of Joe Levy and host John Schaefer than of Chris Scharen - it was a generalist round-up of the concept that U2 have a Christian grounding with a few examples ("40," "Mysterious Ways," "Still Haven't Found," "Crumbs,") but still an enjoyable listen in which they did let Chris get some good words in edgewise. The thing that struck me the most was John Shaefer's characterizing Christians who condemn U2 as (roughly) "people who are right down the center of mainstream Christianity." This was one of a few remarks illustrating the assumption that U2 are beloved not so much by actual committed Christians as by, I dunno, a sort of fringe subgroup of unorthodox believers who are ill at ease with church. Um... hello?

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