Theology, Culture and U2: Session 1

It is a great mark of the era we're in, I think, that Tim from Fresno Pacific is putting so much of his fall semester U2 course up on the web, free, for dialogue and critique. Here is his thorough description of Session 1 (Introduction, and How to Exegete a Song: "City of Blinding Lights.") The class plan (PDF), which he also is giving us unmediated access to, gets a conversation started between a very rich selection of sources (Parker Palmer, Paul Ricoeur, the Vertigo 2005 DVD, John Franke, W. Randolph Tate, VH-1 All Access, a Bono print interview, Arcade Fire, the Gospel of Matthew....) I will be commenting more on it on Tim's blog, since he's offered such a gracious space for interested parties to do so. You can find his Power Point presentation there as well.

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