While I don't yet have anything coherent to say about the flow of the current show, I have been interested to notice a couple instances of something that seems newish to me in the song intros. Is there an expanded crop of what one might call exhortations to the crowd about how to use the song they're about to hear? Not quite the "Bono preaching" that annoys so many people, and not quite the "This is a song about..." that annoys many more. Here, with "One," for example, Bono advises the crowd to "throw this song against God, mother, lover, friend, father - whoever it is you feel rejected you." A similar example in Milan leading into "Beautiful Day": "When the future is so uncertain, it makes the present moment so much more precious. It's a precious moment. We give it to each other. To be in the moment. Carpe diem. The heart is a bloom... look above the clouds!" Or has this been going on in other tours and I've just missed it?

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