Steve Stockman on U2 Live at Croke Park

Readers might be interested to see what our contributor Steve Stockman had to say about the first Croke Park show. He seems to have managed to get there without previous knowledge of the setlist, which these days is a major triumph of self-discipline! I agree completely with the comment he makes that what we are seeing in U2 now is the freedom and joy of people who have found out how to live at the very heart of their vocation; as Stocki alludes to, the sight evokes poignacy for a pastor, because one so deeply hopes the people one pastors may get to that place as well.

Update: a video including the "I surrender" moment described in the piece is here.


peter vallelly said...

Hi Beth, just back from u2 at Croker on the 25th. I think there is a clear spiritual theme to the concert, Breathe is about finding "grace within the sound " and the concept(s) of the preciousness of time (sanctity of life), joy and (crucially) surrender are recurrent motifs throughout the show - The terms of surrender to the God are unconditional. What does He ask us to surrender? Christian surrender means we have come to Him and His terms, as the General of our soul, and say simply, "I surrender all."

We lay down our arms, we hand over everything we have, everything we are, everything we hope to be, and find grace......Moment of Surrenders original lyrics reference Pentecost...pointing us to the final harvest of the world when men and women will present themselves and their deeds to the Lord God. Claiming the Victory Jesus won indeed.

U2 Sermons said...

Thanks for your comments Peter. From what I've read/seen from afar, it does seem like surrender in particular is a motif that recurs quite a bit. (I'm still having trouble following the intended flow of the whole show, however.)