"Christian by faith not by genre"

I think regular readers here may crack a smile of recognition at this clever piece by Don Miller about his "Christian plumber" who "left the Gospel out of his work." (Interestingly, a number of the commenters don't get the joke.)


Dougie W. said...

I guess that not all Christians have a sense of humour like Donald Miller does. I thought it was quite funny and yet profound.

When it comes to musicians who have faith the Church often throws rocks at them because they are not speaking about Jesus enough in their music. So there are bands like Switchfoot, Relient K, The Fray etc who get it in the neck for not talking about their faith more...and then there is Bono and U2!

U2 of course are not a "Christian" band yet they talk in their music quite a lot about issues of faith and the life of God in the soul of man. They also get a lot of stick from the Church, and probably get some from even their own fans who do not hold to the same belief system. What I love about them though is that they never waver in what they believe, even if it is seen as "un-cool" to believe in God.

The whole issue of "Christian" music is a debate that has raged on for decades. I'm certain that God has a smile on His face when He looks down on U2 and sees their heart, but maybe has a bit of a frown when He sees the Church with their "Jesus Counters" giving their judgment on what is Christian and what is not by the amount of name checks that Jesus gets! With God the heart wins everytime over the "rules".

Mary said...

I love this hilarious blog of Don Miller's. Right on. I agree 100% with Dougie's comments above. I do get weary defending U2 as authentically Christian. So many in the insular church who only listen to what is sold at their local Christian bookstore have trouble understanding this. Which I don't get.