Introduction and welcome

Welcome to readers visiting from ReadTheSpirit. We've been tracking the dialogue on U2 and theology since the U2 book I co-edited, Get Up Off Your Knees, was published in 2003. While most of the mission of the blog is simply to help readers find out where thoughtful, theologically-informed work on the band is happening, there's some original content as well. Here's one overview post of such material from 2006. Or, if you're interested in a look at the band's most recent album, check out (in reverse order, as is the way with blogs) the U2 Sermons series on that. If U2's live work attracts you, here are links to an analysis of their re-visioning over the years of "The Fly."

Most of the time, though, we track things like lectures, presentations, and small-group adult and teen studies on U2 and faith, including of course when groups use the study guide "Pursuing God with U2" that was in our own book (three sessions available free here). We pay attention (and serve as a reading assignment!) when, say, a college offers a U2 course. And since Get Up Off Your Knees is a book of homiletics, we link to at least some of the hundreds of uses of U2 in pulpits all over the world. Other labels over there on the right will help with further exploration.

The field of exploring the interface between U2's art and spirituality is huge, full of wonderful writers and theologians who have been working on the topic for years, and we're privileged to get to document it here at U2 Sermons. Enjoy looking around.

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