10th anniversary repost: From October 2005

8 comments on U2 at Madison Square Garden last night

1) I guess I'll always have the characteristic Boston proprietary attitude to U2, but Madison Square Garden is an amazing venue and beats the Fleet (OK, the Banknorth Garden) hands down as a physical space in which to see this band. WOW.
2) Nice to see Father Abraham has developed some daughters as well as sons in the COEXIST Abrahamic-religions section.
3) Fast Cars! Bono and Edge flamenco! Ask any U2 fan this: "So, did you ever think you would see the Edge flamenco onstage?"
4) Yet another trial balloon for The First Time: "I threw away the key and only grace gave it back to me."
5) I laughed and laughed when the guy who was sitting behind me began top-volume yelling in his gloriously blunt New York manner at people heading down the stairs before the encores: "WHY - ARE - YOU - LEAVING?!! HOW!! CAN!! YOU!! #*$^%ING!!!! LEEAAAVE!!!!??"
6) I've seen Sunday Bloody Sunday so many times it doesn't always have all its power for me, but during it last night Bono pulled a little girl in white onstage, sat down with her on the floor, and made her promise to remember the word COEXIST as she grew up. Not a dry eye in the house. Although God bless that kid, she was probably the only human being there who didn't know that her line was "No More."
7) Very nice to let the sound guy take a bow.
8) Vocatus atque non vocatus Deus aderit.

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